Whim and Vigor ceramics



Whim and Vigor is a one-woman pottery studio in Washington, D.C., creating ceramic homewares and jewelry from beautiful and durable high-fired stoneware clay. Each piece is made on the potter's wheel or handbuilt, then decorated and glazed by hand—making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Modern, but with a bit of a vintage vibe, Whim and Vigor ceramics are thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to add beauty and charm to your life, whether it's a gorgeous mug that you love so much that you'll keep washing it even when there are plenty of clean ones to use or a necklace that you'll want to wear every single day.

My hope is that your Whim and Vigor pieces make you feel the way you do when you get a hug from someone who cares about you—being enveloped in kindness and warmth and love.

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And if you want to hear more about the pottery process and my love for ceramics, check out my interviews on the Potters Cast podcast: http://thepotterscast.com/335 and with Newsy: https://www.newsy.com/stories/590782b50e529a3d7902132f-595118500e529a853f182d7b/.