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A handle or no handle? The great cup debate.

Here’s something I had never considered before becoming a potter: There are folks who believe that cups should have handles, and folks who are just fine — prefer it even! — with a handle-less cup.


I used to lean heavily on the pro-handle side, because I’m obsessed with making a good handle. But! I started making beautifully textured pots, and I tell ya, wrapping your hand around a surface like that feels so good.


So weigh in on this argument: For your preffered cup situation, handle or no handle? Or does it vary? Tea in a handled mug, but espresso in a handle-less tumbler?

Home is where your plants are

As you can see in this photo, I’ve fallen head over heels for plants and the lack of any empty space on my home’s horizontal surfaces is proof of it.

It’s taken me a few years to build up the confidence to look at a plant I’m taking home and not feel like I have to apologize to it for its inevitably short life. But as I tell folks who purchase a planter from me with a succulent planted inside, these guys are hardy! They want to live! They will live despite your black thumb!

What about you? Have you embraced the at-first terrifying, but ultimately very rewarding world of plant-keeping?